Four Lords of the Warring States

Chapter 269 cover

Release Date November 19, 2013
Arc Coalition Invasion Arc
Chapter 269
Volume 25
Chapter Guide
Chapter 268
Chapter 270

Four Lords of the Warring States is the 269th chapter of the Kingdom Manga.


Ordo reminds Ri Boku of what Zhao did to Geki Shin a year earlier. Showing remarkable insight, he reasons Geki Shin was sacrificed to raise Ri Boku's standing in China, making the coalition a reality. The conversation switches to the purpose of Shun Shin Kun. As the prime minister of Chu and one of the Four Lords of the Warring States, he serves as a figure to oversee the coalition as a whole, with Ri Boku serving as the strategist. They proceed to discuss the attack on Kanyou.

Meanwhile, in Kanyou, Shou Hei Kun reveals that with Qin's current military strength, they cannot stop the coalition. To give them a fighting chance, all defence lines are abandoned to focus on one key defensive position, the national gate, Kankoku Pass. Chou Tou explains to Kan Ki that Kankoku Pass, located at the entrance to Kanyou, has never been defeated. Elsewhere, the Hi Shin Unit have received their orders and is heading towards the national gate. They see swarms of Qin troops also rallying towards the final defense. Before long, they come upon the intimidating Kankoku Pass, and stand in awe at the sight.




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