Gathering at Kankoku Pass

Chapter 270 cover

Release Date November 21, 2013
Arc Coalition Invasion Arc
Chapter 270
Volume 25
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Gathering at Kankoku Pass is the 270th chapter of the Kingdom Manga.


The Hi Shin Unit marvel at the engineering of Kankoku Pass. With walls twice as high as Kanyou, they reason there's no possibility it could fall. Shin remains concerned that Ri Boku is pulling the strings, and with great gusto, rides with his troops to their position. In Kanyou, Shou Hei Kun and Mou Bu stand together outside. Shou Hei Kun apologizes for giving his friend the costliest role in the upcoming battle, to which Mou Bu offers no objections. With Ou Ki's death, Mou Bu has changed, transforming himself into Qin's most terrifying general. Shou Hei Kun admits his own blunder, never expecting someone could see through the true reason for the Sanyou Campaign.

Marching towards Kankoku Pass, Ri Boku reveals to the rest of the group that Qin was about to checkmate China. The Sanyou conquest would create a ripple effect that would eventually swallow the rest of the states. Shun Shin Kun remains confident that Chu would survive, but worries about Qin conquering the rest of the states. The solution to getting checkmated is to simply smash the board.

Shin notices Mou Ten and Ou Hon passing by, riding with their troops. The three young commanders hold a short meeting, revealing the Gaku Ka and Gyoku Hou units are with the combined Mou Bu - Tou armies, while Shin has been assigned to Duke Hyou. Shin and Ou Hon trade barbs about their ambitions to become generals before parting ways. Shin bids farewell to Mou Ten and the two promise to share a drink when the war is over.

On top of Kankoku Pass, Kan Ki and Chou Tou have been stationed to defend. Although the Kankoku Pass's defences are solid, the mountains on either side have openings that can be exploited. Thus, the remaining generals have been stations to the left and right of the national gate. Stand on top of their defensive position, Shin and his troops look on at the gathering enemies.



  • Mou Gou, Chou Tou, and Kan Ki are assigned to Kankoku Pass, with the Wei and Han armies opposing them
  • Ou Sen is assigned to the mountains left of Kankoku Pass, with the Yan army opposing him
  • Mou Bu and Tou are assigned to Kankoku Pass's immediate right, with the Chu army opposing them
  • Duke Hyou is assigned to the far right, with the Zhao army opposing him


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