Duke Hyou's Rush

Chapter 272 cover

Release Date November 21, 2013
Arc Coalition Invasion Arc
Chapter 272
Volume 25
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Duke Hyou's Rush is the 272nd chapter of the Kingdom Manga.


Zhao army battlefield Edit

The Duke Hyou army attacks on his signal, leaving the generals of the coalition army irritated. Especially the Zhao soldiers are surprised, since they didn't expect to be attacked. But their generals take it calm, and maintain the formation. When the Hi Shin Unit clashes into the Zhao, Ten stays behind, to supervise the battlefield from the outside and give orders to Shin how the battle is evolving. And eventhougth the lines of the Zhao start to colapse, their commander Ri Haku doesn't take any actions, but only glares to his general Kei Sha.

Chu army battlefield Edit

While the Chu generals Kan Mei and Rin Bu Kun are angry at the Duke Hyou, for stealing their right to attack as first one. Ordo, the Yan general, is laughing and saying that the Qin still have some guys, that know how to make a joke. When the Chu finally advance even the generals of Han and Wei say, that there isn't a big point of the Chu giving the attack sign anymore.

Zhao - Kotshuna Mountains (History of Kyou Kai) Edit

The rumors of the coalition army have even reached this region, where Kyou Kai is searching the revenge for her sister. She overhears some villagers talking about how Qin could perish. Then she goes into the mountains and remembers of her time with the Hi Shin Unit.



  • The battle of the Kankoku pass has startet


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