Instictual Talent

Chapter 275 cover

Release Date November 24, 2013
Arc Coalition Invasion Arc
Chapter 275
Volume 26
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Chapter 274
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Instictual Talent is the 275th chapter of the Kingdom Manga.


Flashback Edit

It is shown, how Shin rushes back through the Qin army, in order to save the rear section. But even thought a large amount of his unit got separated from him in their rush, he still made it in time to stop the slaughter. While he faces the Man Goku army he shouts at the soldiers of the duke Hyou army to turn around and fight. The soldiers that are still tired, since they fought as the first charge, take up the battle cry, turn around and fight the Zhao. In the end Shin commands close to 10’000 in the counterattack.

Duke Hyou Edit

When the duke sees, how the rear has taken up the counter attack, he realizes, that Shin acted very quick and thinks, that he is an instinctual general as well. He orders one of his officer to reorganize the formation. And declares his target, general Kei Sha. Since he has now realized, that he is fighting against another instinctual general.

Kan Ko Ku pass Edit

The ladders of the Wei attackers do not reach to the top of the Kan Ko Ku pass, so the Qin generals Kan Ki and Chou Tou order to just fire unlimited arrows at them.



  • Shin leads the 10'000 soldiers of the rear section in the counterattack
  • Shin's instictual talent has awoken.
  • The wall of the Kan Koku pass are too high for the attackers.


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