Houmei's Hand

Chapter 276 cover

Release Date November 28, 2013
Arc Coalition Invasion Arc
Chapter 276
Volume 26
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Chapter 275
Chapter 277

Houmei's Hand is the 276th chapter of the Kingdom Manga.


Kan Ko Ku pass Edit

While both armies are exchanging arrows, a change occurs on the battlefield. The Wei general Go Hou Mei brings forth a siege tower in order to reach the top of the wall. It is directed to the HQ of Qin general Chou Tou, who tries to set it on fire with fire arrows. But the wood is soaked in water, so it does not catch fire. When the tower comes closer to the wall, it is clear, that even if it is oversized it still does not reach the top. General Chou Tou laughs at the Wei army and says, that no enemy was able to set foot on the walls of Kan Ko Ku pass for a hundred years. When the tower is at the bottom of the walls, the engineers drop the wooden cover boards and reveal counterweights. These are used to pull up the extension, and with this extension they finally manage to reach the top of the wall. Before the Qin can destroy it the first Wei soldiers are already climbing over the edge and defend it.



  • The Wei army manages to reach the top of the Kan Ko Ku pass.


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