Kanki, Confronts

Chapter 277 cover

Release Date November 28, 2013
Arc Coalition Invasion Arc
Chapter 277
Volume 26
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Chapter 276
Chapter 278

Kanki, Confronts is the 277th chapter of the Kingdom Manga.


The Wei are climbing the walls of Kan Ko Ku pass at the HQ of Chou Tou, and are already creating a foothold. General Mou Gou is even sending reinforcements to push them back. The generals of the coalition army are speaking highly of Go Hou Mei the mastermind of the siegetower, while another one is already approaching the position of the Kan Ki HQ. While everybody is concerned, Kan Ki stays calm and says he is going to play with them.

On the other battlefield general Ordo is informed, that the fortress of Ou Sen is well fortified. He intends to see for himself, but prefers to wait, since from the battlefield at the Kan Ko Ku pass was loud cheering to be heard. And he does not want to waste resources if the gate has already fallen.

While the second siege tower has already engaged the walls and the melee fight with the Kan Ki soldiers has started. General Chou Tou has managed to push back the Wei and is trying to crush the foothold. On the other side Go Hou Mei tells that Qin has huge debts against the state of Wei for killing Go Kei and the taking over of Sanyou. As soon as he said this, there is an uproar at Kan Ki’s position and the Wei soldiers are being pushed back and the Qin throw oil barrels onto the siege tower. Kan Ki says, that the Wei are too full of themselves and ignites the tower with a fire arrow. Seeing the tower aflame and his soldiers burnt to death, Go Hou Mei gets angry.



  • 1/2 siege towers destroyed by Kan Ki with oil and a fire arrow


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