Father & Son

Chapter 278 cover

Release Date November 28, 2013
Arc Coalition Invasion Arc
Chapter 278
Volume 26
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Father & Son is the 278th chapter of the Kingdom Manga.


Coalition army HQ Edit

Shun Shin Kun and Ri Boku are talking about how Go Hou Mei should have sent his siege tower towards Mou Gou’s position instead of Kan Ki's. And that he is likely to be very angry while watching is siege tower (and soldiers) being burnt by Kan Ki. But they do also say it was a great achievement, that they managed to reach to top of the walls of Kankoku, what was believed to be impossible. And Ri Boku also remembers Shin Shun Kun, that the general of Han, Sei Kai has not yet made his move in this battle.

Qin - Chu battlefield Edit

While the 3rd Chu army under general Rin Bu Kun is advancing, everybody is wondering, why the Mou Bu army does not leave his fortress and attacks the enemy, what was expected of him. Instead the Tou army moves out to attack the Chu army.

Flashback of Mou Ten Edit

Mou Ten visits his father, general Mou Bu, to wish him good fortune in the upcoming battle. Mou Bu tells him why that the battle plan foresees, that he does not fight today, but leaves the fighting to the Tou army. Which has the target to kill the general of the 3rd Chu army. In the meantime, the Mou Bu army will wait in their fortress and save their strength in order to kill Kan Mei, the general of the 1st Chu army. But in order to lure Kan Mei out, the Tou army has to kill Rin Bu Kun first.



  • The coalition army HQ expects a big move from Han commander Sei Kai
  • Mou Ten is the son of general Mou Bu. (and therefore grandson of general Mou Gou)
  • Battleplan Mou Bu & Tou army:
    • the Mou Bu army saves their strength
    • Tou army kills the first commander of Chu, and force the supreme commander Kan Mei to join the fight
    • Mou Bu kills the Chu supreme commander


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