As Fast as Lightning

Chapter 29 cover

Release Date March 10, 2013
Arc Sei Kyou's Rebellion Arc
Chapter 29
Volume 3
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Chapter 28
Chapter 30

As Fast as Lightning is the 29th chapter of the Kingdom Manga.


This war for the throne was signaled to start with Ei Sei slaying one of Qin militia soldier. Still unknown that Ei Sei is one disguised as a mountain people, Ketsu Shi signals a counterattack. The mountain people are trying to take down the Crimson turtle gate. Others are trying to climb over the walls in order to open the gate from the inside. Shin killed one of the soldiers, this is his first kill without any help of outsiders. Ketsu Shi plan to use the Crimson turtle gate and station more militia was a good call. None of the mountain people or soldiers allied with Shōbunkun manages to reach the top of the walls. However after witnessing that the mountain people are sitting sucks, he manages to climb over the walls. Chocking Ketsu Shi and the militia, because nobody thought someone could reach the top.


Characters IntroducedEdit

Chapter NotesEdit

  • Ei Sei signaled the attack with slaying the first soldier.
  • Ketsu Shi orders to attack the mountain people.
  • Shin is the only person who managed to climb over the walls.
  • Shin killed his first person.



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