Sea of Enemies

Chapter 301 cover

Release Date January 12, 2014
Arc Coalition Invasion Arc
Chapter 301
Volume 28
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Chapter 300
Chapter 302

Sea of Enemies is the 301st chapter of the Kingdom Manga.


Generals Kan Ki and Chou Tou of the Qin dress as Wei soldiers and together with a small portion of their elite army descend the Kankoku wall, using Wei's siege tower. When down, they pretend to be part of the Wei army that was dispatched to raise the soldiers' morale. Their ultimate goal is to reach the Han HQ and slay their commander, Sei Kai.

Chou Tou is questioning Kan Ki's plan, as it is wreckless, but follows either way, seeing there is no other option to turn the momentum to their favor. Chou Tou's doubt slowly turns to admiration, as Kan Ki's plan seems to be effective and the undercover Qin invaders manage to ride through Wei's army and reach close to the Han HQ without raising any suspicion.


Chou Tou

Kan Ki

Sei Kai

Rai Do

Koku Ou

Go Hou Mei



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Battle of Bayou Arc Third Faction Arc Sanyou Campaign Arc Sanyou Aftermath Arc Coalition Invasion Arc
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Western Zhao Invasion Arc

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