Resolve of No Return

Chapter 302 cover

Release Date January 12, 2013
Arc Coalition Invasion Arc
Chapter 302
Volume 28
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Resolve of No Return is the 302nd chapter of the Kingdom Manga.


The Han HQ sends the Black Arrow Unit to attack what they think to be a part of the Wei army attacking them. General Chou Tou keeps advancing despite being worn down by the poison's effect, while Kan Ki circles around to inflitrate the Han HQ from the rare.

Back at the Kankoku Pass, General Mou Gou realizes that he has to protect the wall on his own and decides to move to the center part. The wall is about to be overwhelmed but the Qin's morale is still high, as they are determined to protect their ground until their Commanders return.

Back on the battlefield, the Han HQ defence chief, Nakon, attempts to stop Chou Tou's advance, but the veteran General manages to gather his strength and kill the enemy commander. The Han HQ is now surrounded by the Qin's undercover army.


Black Arrow Unit

Sei Kai

Chou Tou

Kan Ki

Mou Gou

Na Kon



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