Shin's Bright Idea

Chapter 304 cover

Release Date January 16, 2013
Arc Coalition Invasion Arc
Chapter 304
Volume 28
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Chapter 305

Shin's Bright Idea is the 304th chapter of the Kingdom Manga.


Killing the Han commander came with a great price, as the Wei Army has progressed a lot in conquering the Kankoku pass. However, Mou Gou's army and the remnants of Kan Ki's army are still doing their best to resist the enemy waves. The news about Sei Kai's death start spreading and they reach Riboku and Shun Shin Kun, but it is still uncertain how exactly the Han commander was killed. Taking advantage of the confusion Kan Ki retreats from the battlefield, after destroying some of the Siege Crossbows.

In the mean time, the Hi Shin Unit are worn out by the continuing fighting and they are ordered to retreat in order to catch their breath. At the resting camp, Duke Hyou visits Shin and they talk about the progress of the battle. Duke Hyou notes that none of their efforts so far have managed to pull Kei Sha into the battlefield and that they have to make a decisive attack in the center of the Zhao army in order to force Ke Sha move forward. Shin comes up with a plan which involves Duke Hyou leading a bait attack at the center and, when Ke Sha moves to confront him, the Hi Shin Unit would come from the side and take him out. Although that plan is reckless, Duke Hyou agrees to follow it since there is no other way to victory.

Back at the palace, Sei and the others are being informed about the battle's progress, when an urgent report comes that Ousen has left his post and has gone missing. Everyone fears the worse, since Ousen has no feelings of patriotism and would be likely to just abandon Qin at the most critical hour.


Kan Ki

Ri Boku

Shun Shin Kun


Bi Hei


Ka Ryo Ten


Duke Hyou

Kei Sha

Ei Sei

Ryo Fui

Shō Bun Kun

Shou Hei Kun

ō Sen



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