Ousen's Movements

Chapter 305 cover

Release Date January 16, 2013
Arc Coalition Invasion Arc
Chapter 305
Volume 28
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Chapter 304
Chapter 306

Ousen's Movements is the 305th chapter of the Kingdom Manga.


Kou and You are terrified by the rumors of Kankoku Pass' fall and start preparing for the worst case senario. At the kings chambers, Shoubunkun explains about Ousen's dangerous ambition to become a king and spreads doubt about the general's latest actions.

Back at the batlefield, Ordo is organizing the siege of the mountain exploiting his army's of mountain tribes full potential in mountain warfare. Yuki informs his commander that the center assault unit has managed a critical strike in Ousen's defenses and forced him to flee to the northeast parts of the mountains. In fact, Ousen withdrew his army so fast, that the Yan weren't able to trace their whereabouts any more. Ordo, pleased by that outcome, decides to lead his army through the mountain paths and, using his exceptional coordination skills, get them behind the Kankoku pass.

As Ordo and his army move through the mountain, they reach a clearing that leads to a huge cliff. According to Ordo's calculations, climbing that cliff would lead them passed the great walls. However, Ordo hadn't realized that he was walking straight into Ousen's trap, who now appears right behind Ordo's army.




Ei Sei

Ryo Fui

Shō Bun Kun

Shou Hei Kun

ō Sen





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