Afternoon of the 15th Day

Chapter 306 cover

Release Date January 19, 2014
Arc Coalition Invasion Arc
Chapter 306
Volume 29
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Chapter 307

Afternoon of the 15th Day is the 306th chapter of the Kingdom Manga.


Ousen ambushes Ordo's army and, using his skilled archers, manages to take out 8000 strong men. Ordo, frustrated by his failure, escapes capture and falls back to reunite with his main army. After that, the Yan army remained stationed within the mountain area and Ousen's tracks were once more lost.

The battle is still raging on Kankoku pass, with the combined armies of Chu and Han managing to ascend even more on the walls, taking the fighg farther inside of the pass. Duke Hyou's army on the other hand, is fighting Keisha of the Zhao on equal footing.

The battle between the combined Tou and Mou Bu armies against the Chu army, which is considered the most important strategically, is now approaching its climax. Mou Ten's army of 5000 men is worn out and consider retreating, when they are attacked by another wave of Chu soldiers. At that point, general Tou himself appears to replace Mou Ten's unit and give them a chance to rest and replace their horses with fresh ones. Genaral Karin, seeing the opponent commander entering the battlefield, gives Kou Yoku 5000 men with the mission of taking Tou's head. Kou Yoku sees that as an opportunity to avenge his friend Rinbukun and charges at the field with his new appointed army. Karin feels it's time to show her face too and puts on her armor.



ō Sen

Mou Ryuu

Go Hou Mei

Kan Ki

Mou Gou

Kei Sha

Duke Hyou


Ka Ryo Ten

Kan Mei

Mou Bu




Ou Hon

Mou Ten

Kou Yoku

Haku Rei


Rin Bu Kun (flashback)



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