5000-Man Commander Kouyoku

Chapter 307 cover

Release Date January 19, 2014
Arc Coalition Invasion Arc
Chapter 307
Volume 29
Chapter Guide
Chapter 306
Chapter 308

5000-Man Commander Kouyoku is the 307th chapter of the Kingdom Manga.


Although Haku Rei thinks it is too early for him, Kou Yoku marches on the battlefield as a 5000-man commander. General Tou notices that and decides to go for the 5000-man commander's head himself. Kou Yoku spreads his army in an attempt to surround Tou's unit, and takes the enemy commander himself head on. As the two men duel, their armies try to take each other out. Mou Ten, seeing that his general is in trouble, orders his men to quit resting and enter the battlefield as soon as possible, much to their frustration.

At that point, they notice general Karin's 2nd army marching forth. Their target is to smash through the front part of Tou's square formation and break it apart altogether. Tou wants to regroup and cease this opportunity to take Karin out, but Kou Yoku still manages to keep him engaged. Commander Ryuu Koku of the square formation watches shocked as Karin's army is heading straight into his position.


Haku Rei

Kou Yoku


Mou Ten


Bam Yu

Ryuu Koku



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