Karin Army's Assault

Chapter 308 cover

Release Date January 19, 2014
Arc Coalition Invasion Arc
Chapter 308
Volume 29
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Chapter 307
Chapter 309

Karin Army's Assault is the 308th chapter of the Kingdom Manga.


Karin gives the signal and her army charges forth against Ryuu Koku's defenses. Slowly but steadily, Chu's 2nd army advances, as their soldiers seem to be of a much higher caliber than those of Qin. Ryuu Koku knows that if he fails to stop them all will be lost, so he sends Taigo's unit to break out of the formation and attack Karin's army from the side, aiming for her head. However, Taigo finds it extremely hard to penetrate through Chu's defense and gets a surprise attack by Haku Rei's archers instead.

Mou Ten takes his unit and rides to Ryuu Koku's aid. As the situation seems desperate for the Qin army, an unexpected assistance emerges; Rokuomi and Kanou, who were abandoned earlier during the elephant unit's appearance, seem to have survived and are now flanging Karin's army from the rare. Adding to that, commander Ouhon appears attacking the Chu army from the left, aiming for Karin's rare also.

Seeing that she got all the attention, Karin feels that it is time for her army to switch locations. Her new target will now be general Mou Bu's army.



Bam Yu

Ryuu Koku


Haku Rei

Mou Ten

Roku O Mi


Ou Hon

Mou Bu



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