The Path to Kanmei

Chapter 309 cover

Release Date January 23, 2014
Arc Coalition Invasion Arc
Chapter 309
Volume 29
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The Path to Kanmei is the 309th chapter of the Kingdom Manga.


Kanmei and Jinou comment that after sending the second Echelon assault, Moubu has no other options, left with only 5,000 men. Chu commanders Beiman and Goumasho take 10,000 men to reinforce the sides of their army, as they believe that the Qin aim their main forces there. The Qin soldiers are worn out and almost out of breath but they keep struggling to get through.

Moubu, however, is content because everything is going according to the plan dictated by Shou Hei Kun himself. The strategist insisted on using the Echelon formation, so that the Chu commanders would be lead to believe that the Qin are aiming on their sides. In fact Shouheikun's purpose was for the Chu reinforcements to be wasted on the sides, thus leaving the center of the army uncovered. Then, Moubu would lead his remaining men head on and with one push reach Kanmei's position. Slaying the Chu general would be no easy task but Moubu was confident enough to follow the plan.

Kanmei and Jinou are surprised to see Moubu launch his attack. To counter this, they send out the Kyoubou cavalry unit, a unit comprised of gigantic riders. The Qin army are intimidated at first but Moubu is determined to win. Using his brute force, Moubu scatters the giant unit and keeps advancing, focused on killing the enemy general.


Kan Mei

Jin Ou


Bei Man

Gou Ma Sho

Mou Bu

Shou Hei Kun (flashback)



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