Unveiled Service Record

Chapter 311 cover

Release Date January 23, 2014
Arc Coalition Invasion Arc
Chapter 311
Volume 29
Chapter Guide
Chapter 310
Chapter 312

Unveiled Service Record is the 311th chapter of the Kingdom Manga.


Kan Mei wields his mace as he is about to face Moubu. Everyone acknowledges that Kan Mei serves not only as the Chu commander, but as a symbol of the entire Coalition Army's might as well, so if Moubu manages to defeat him here, it would be a huge step towards victory for the Qin.

As the two men clash, Kanmei manages to knock the great Moubu back and overwhelm him in brute power, to everyone's surprise. The Chu general goes on to explain that, in his serve as a general he has never lost a single battle to any of the four states he fought against. What's more, in the past he came across an invasion by one of Qin's Six Great Generals, Oukotsu. Despite being still a young general, Kanmei managed to heavily wound Oukotsu with a single swing of his sword, forcing him to retreat back to Qin.

Kanmei claims that his existence is greater than that of a common human's and that he keeps on wagging wars, not because he is searching someone to match his strength, but because it is his duty to crash those who consider themselves strong.


Kan Mei

Mou Bu

ō Kotsu (flashback)



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