The First Time In His Life

Chapter 312 cover

Release Date January 26, 2014
Arc Coalition Invasion Arc
Chapter 312
Volume 29
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Chapter 311
Chapter 313

The First Time In His Life is the 312th chapter of the Kingdom Manga.


The duel between Moubu and Kanmei continues as the Qin general has managed to even the score by knocking Kanmei back for the first time in his life. Moube feels glad that the time has come for him to fight with his full strength.

Meanwhile, Moubu's lieutenants keep fighting to keep the Chu soldiers at bay, in order to give their general the time to fight and defeat his rival.

Jinou comments that although Moubu is a true monster himself, there is no chance he could ever beat Kanmei.

Kanmei's strikes are fierce and with a very powerful swing of his mace he breaks Moubu's arm, gaining the momentum.


Mou Bu

Kan Mei

Jin Ou



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