The Strongest Man

Chapter 3I3 cover

Release Date January 26, 2014
Arc Coalition Invasion Arc
Chapter 313
Volume 29
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Chapter 312
Chapter 314

The Strongest Man is the 313th chapter of the Kingdom Manga.


After having his arm broken, Moubu gets a critical hit on the face which knocks him farther back. Just when he is about to lose consciousness, Moubu remembers Shouheikun's words and finds the strength to stand on his feet once more. With a swing of his mace, the Qin general manages to break his opponents arm and somehow even the score, to everyone's surprise. Kanmei is shocked by Moubu's ability to injure him, but Moubu claims that the strongest man in China is indeed himself.

General Karin, who has arrived at the scene, calls for her brother, commander Kaen, and assigns him the mission to go and murder Moubu in order to assure Kanmei's survival. Mouten has followed the Chu general and monitors her brother's movements.

Kanmei and Moubu keep on striking each other with all their might, and it is now obvious that the duel will soon be decided, as both of them are worn out.


Mou Bu

Kan Mei

Shou Hei Kun (flashback)

Ka Rin

Bam Yu

Mou Ten




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