Victory Is Right Before Us

Chapter 316 cover

Release Date January 30, 2014
Arc Coalition Invasion Arc
Chapter 316
Volume 29
Chapter Guide
Chapter 315
Chapter 317

Victory Is Right Before Us is the 316th chapter of the Kingdom Manga.


The news of Kan Mei's death reaches all of the battlefields and raises the morale of the Qin armies. Go Hou Mei continues attacking and says to his men that the Qin army can't get to them because they need to recover and pass through the Han army first. At the Coalition Army HQ, Ri Boku says that it's too risky to leave everything to the Wei army, and calls Kaine. However at the same time, a messenger from the Chu army arrives, passing a message from Ka Rin, that victory is right before their eyes, and that they should be ready to go through Kankoku Pass at any moment. Meanwhile at the Chu and Qin battlefield , Kou Yoku is dueling Tou, but after Ou Hon joins the fight with his troops he retreats. Kou Yoku, who is alot mad asks Ka Rin why she ordered a retreat. Ka Rin says that the goal of this Coalition Army is to break through Kankoku Pass, and that all of the War elephants, herself coming out, the duel was just a distraction. At the same time, Ka Rin's 5000 elite soldiers arrive behind Kankoku Pass.


Ka Rin

Mou Gou

Kan Ki

Bam Yu

Ri Boku

Kou Yoku

Haku Rei


Ou Hon

Shun Shin Kun

Kaine (mentioned)



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Battle of Bayou Arc Third Faction Arc Sanyou Campaign Arc Sanyou Aftermath Arc Coalition Invasion Arc
Kyou Kai's Revenge Arc Conspiracy in the Court Arc Fire Dragons of Wei Arc State of Ai Arc

Koku You Campaign Arc

Bureaucrats Job Arc

Western Zhao Invasion Arc

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