Inside Kankoku Pass

Chapter 317 cover

Release Date January 31, 2014
Arc Coalition Invasion Arc
Chapter 317
Volume 30
Chapter Guide
Chapter 316
Chapter 318

Inside Kankoku Pass is the 317th chapter of the Kingdom Manga.


The Coalition Army soldiers continue pushing and attacking at Kankoku pass when they see the 5000 elite soldiers reinforcement. The soldiers start helping the Wei and Han and the attacks get more intensified, as the Qin generals panic. Mou Gou orders the retreat of his soldiers but they are lost in the mess between Qin,Wei,Han and Chu soldiers and cannot retreat. As the Coalition Army soldiers keep attacking the gates, Kan Ki and Mou Gou realize that it's impossible for them to stop them. Just before they give up and start apologizing, Ou Sen and his army come down from the cliffs next to Kankoku Pass to reincforce them.


Ka Rin

Kan Ki

Mou Gou

Ou Sen



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