Show's Over

Chapter 318 cover

Release Date February 2, 2014
Arc Coalition Invasion Arc
Chapter 318
Volume 30
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Show's Over is the 318th chapter of the Kingdom Manga.


Ousen's Army of 10,000 wipe out the Chu intruders in a flash and prevent them from opening the gate of Kankoku pass. Mou Gou and his lieutenants are relieved to see that they were saved at the last moment, while Kan Ki and his subordinates comment on how Ousen not only saved Kankoku pass, but the whole state of Qin from falling.

At the coalition's HQ, Shouheikun understands from the cheering that something went wrong with the operation of the Chu army. Riboku detects that it was general Ousen who came to assist the wall defenders. This infuriates Shouheikun, who is wondering what Ordo was doing while his opponent, Ousen, was moving his army so freely.

In reality, Ordo, after losing his 8,000 elite soldiers, was forced to remain put in Ousen's forts. Ordo's scouts were searching for Ousen's army but all they could find was a unit of less than 10,000 men stationed in the forest. That lead him to believe that the rest of the army was hiding somewhere setting a new ambush. Ordo's fear was read and planted by Ousen himself who, after beating his opponent in a psychological level, was free to move his army and assist the Kankoku pass.

General Karin snaps when she sees the signal of failure. She claims that the battle is over and starts blaming Kan Mei for the loss. In truth, Kanmei's death was a huge factor, because it gave Moubu's army the opportunity to assist the neighboring battlefields.

Shin's plan was read by general Keisha, who didn't take the bait, so no decisive moves were made there. That is until commander Heki appears with his unit and starts marching to where general Kou Son Ryuu was stationed. Duke Hyou, seeing this, leads his army to that direction as well, with the intention of taking the Zhao general's head. Keisha sees through the enemy's movements and sends an order for Kouson Ryuu to retreat, but before the order is sent, a message from Riboku arrives, telling all the Zhao armies to withdraw back to their camp grounds.

Ka Ryo Ten reunites with the Hi Shin unit and informs Shin of what has taken place in the other battlefields, as well as Kanmei's death. She also tells him that all coalition armies, apart from Yan has retreated back to their starting points, and expresses her optimism about the war's outcome towards Qin's favor.


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