Whereabouts of the Mastermind

Chapter 320 cover

Release Date February 4, 2014
Arc Coalition Invasion Arc
Chapter 320
Volume 30
Chapter Guide
Chapter 319
Chapter 321

Whereabouts of the Mastermind is the 320th chapter of the Kingdom Manga.


The Coalition Army generals meet at the HQ. Ka Rin straightforward asks who was responsible for letting Ousen come back to Kankoku Pass and defend Qin from the elite soldiers that she sent. Ordo responds that he is the one, and a huge fight ensues. Shunshinkun manages to calm them down, and says that Riboku has taken 1000 elite soldiers from every state and has departed from the HQ. At Kankoku Pass, the Wei and Han forces were just shooting poison arrows and not making any attempts to conquer Kankoku Pass, while the other battlefields were peaceful. Meanwhile, a city close to Bu pass, a gate on par with Kankoku pass, had been attacked. A messenger informs Shouheikun of this, and soon another messenger comes in to inform everyone in the court that 4 more cities have fallen, and it's because of a dettachment army led by Riboku.


Ka Rin


Go Hou Mei

Chou In

Kei Sha

Shun Shin Kun

Shou Bun Kun

Shou Hei Kun


Den Yuu

Ri Boku



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