Epitome of the Instinctual Type

Chapter 323 cover

Release Date February 9, 2014
Arc Coalition Invasion Arc
Chapter 323
Volume 30
Chapter Guide
Chapter 322
Chapter 324

Epitome of the Instinctual Type is the 323rd chapter of the Kingdom Manga.


Duke Hyou asks Riboku what he will do in a tight position such as the one where he is now. Riboku compliments Duke Hyou for managing to break his Ryuudou tactic but believes his life will end here. As the whole battlefield starts trembling the Qin soldiers see Houken arrive at the battlefield, which shocks everyone. Duke Hyou asks the newcomer who he is while ordering to his men that they should go after Riboku. Houken introduces himself, and Duke Hyou instantly recognizes him as the one who slew Ou Ki at Bayou. The Duke puts down his shield and starts dueling with Houken.




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Battle of Bayou Arc Third Faction Arc Sanyou Campaign Arc Sanyou Aftermath Arc Coalition Invasion Arc
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Western Zhao Invasion Arc

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