Gigantic Buffoon

Chapter 324 cover

Release Date February 9, 2014
Arc Coalition Invasion Arc
Chapter 324
Volume 30
Chapter Guide
Chapter 323
Chapter 325

Gigantic Buffoon is the 324th chapter of the Kingdom Manga.


Houken is overpowering the Duke and manages to knock him off along with his horse a couple of times. Riboku tells Duke Hyou that he should surrender because his defeat is clear. Duke Hyou refuses, saying that while it's true that Houken is strong, Ouki would have been able to kill him if it wasn't for an arrow,managing to irritate him, but Houken bluntly disagrees. Duke Hyou finally attacks Houken seriously and knock him off, causing the Duke's soldiers to go on a rampage. Meanwhile, Shin is running towards Duke Hyou's location along with his unit.


Hou Ken

Bi Hei

Kyo Gai

Hai Rou



Ou Ki (flashback)

Duke Hyou

Ri Boku

Gaku Ga



Sei Kyou's Rebellion Arc Keiyou Campaign Arc Escape from Zhao Arc Assassination Plot Arc Training Arc
Battle of Bayou Arc Third Faction Arc Sanyou Campaign Arc Sanyou Aftermath Arc Coalition Invasion Arc
Kyou Kai's Revenge Arc Conspiracy in the Court Arc Fire Dragons of Wei Arc State of Ai Arc

Koku You Campaign Arc

Bureaucrats Job Arc

Western Zhao Invasion Arc

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