Delicious Wine

Chapter 326 cover

Release Date February 13, 2014
Arc Coalition Invasion Arc
Chapter 326
Volume 30
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Chapter 325
Chapter 327

Delicious Wine is the 326th chapter of the Kingdom Manga.


A flashback of the Hi Shin Unit and the Duke Hyou Army resting and drinking after a battle is shown. Shin asks Duke Hyou why he wasn't one of the Six Generals of Qin, as he clearly witnessed that he has abnormal strength. The Duke responded by saying that he was not interested in those things, because the Qin Six Generals were people who were on the battlefield because they were chasing a dream, unlike him who just wanted to have a good battle and a sip of wine after the battle. Duke Hyou says that Shin has a nice fire around him, but is nothing compared to Qin's Six. Shin says that he knows that and is planning to grow stronger. Meanwhile the scene switches to the battlefield. Shin is in a mindless fury because of Duke's death and is about to charge into the sea of enemies, however Heki stops him. He starts leading the soldiers that are left at the battlefield and orders a retreat towards Kanyou. Riboku orders his army to go towards Kanyou and continue attacking, while a messenger informs the Qin court that Duke Hyou has been slain in a duel with Houken.




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