Chapter 33 cover

Release Date March 15, 2013
Arc Sei Kyou's Rebellion Arc
Chapter 33
Volume 4
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Provocation is the 33rd chapter of the Kingdom Manga.


Sa Ji killed one of the mountain people very easily. Figuring out that he is a mayor threat, Ei Sei side unit decide to attack him first. One of the mountain people tried to attack him. However this didn't go as planned as he was also killed very easily. Heki and accompany are scared to the point they can't move anymore. That is everyone except Shin. Meanwhile Yo Tan Wa feels a strong presence emanating from the dragon corridor. Seemingly it is emanating from Shin. Shin launches an attack on Sa Ji, which backfired as he was hit and Sa Ji didn't. Shin second volley of attacks are match equally with Sa Ji. This to the surprise to everyone. The most surprising is that he id able to withstand the presence of Sa Ji as everyone ells are shivering in fear. Heki remembers that Shin is the same as Hyou. No fear and the ridiculous dream to be a Great General. Heki still feeling gild about Hyou death, attack Sa Ji to try and protect Shin. In a blink of an eye Sa Ji cuts Heki.


Characters IntroducedEdit

Chapter NotesEdit

  • Sa Ji killed two of the mountain people wit ease.
  • Yo Tan Wa is able to sense presence of people trough walls introducing an unknown ability.
  • Shin states Sa Ji is faster than him.
  • For the first time Heki believes Shin can become a great general.
  • Heki came to Shin aid, but got cut himself.



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