Sai Readies Itself

Chapter 331 cover

Release Date February 20, 2014
Arc Coalition Invasion Arc
Chapter 331
Volume 31
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Chapter 330
Chapter 332

Sai Readies Itself is the 331st chapter of the Kingdom Manga.


The people of Sai are fired up after Ei Sei's speech. Shin and Ten are watching from afar and are impressed by Sei's ability to boost the morale to such high extents. On the South Side, Riboku's army is slowly coming towards Sai, and the troops prepare what is needed to start the defense. The troops were well surprisingly well organised and managed to prepare for everything without any problems. However, after observing everything, Ten notices that they are in trouble cause they need commanders that would take care of the 4 walls, and that they onle have Heki,Shin,herself and Shoubunkun, and she is better staying out of the battlefield and send troops where they are needed. Shin suddenly hears a rumbling of a cavalry unit and prepares for fighting, but Shoubunkun tells him that the rumbling is coming from north - Kanyou. The leader of the cavalry unit approaches the group and introduces himself as Kaioku, commander of a 100 man Cavalry that are vassals sent by Chief Shou Hei Kun. New reinforcements are spread between the walls, while Kaioku will be the commander of one wall. Mou Ki, the son of Mou Bu and younger brother of Mou Ten comes too, and says that he will be observing the fight and if needed - help. The group discusses a strategy and soon everybody takes up positions:

North Wall is commanded by Kaioku

West Wall is commanded by Shoubunkun

East Wall is commanded by Heki

South frontal Wall is commanded by Shin, and the Hi Shin unit including Ten, and Mou Ki are at the south wall too.

Soon after everyone takes positions, each of the guards at the wall sight Riboku's army approaching.




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