Announcement for Sai

Chapter 332 cover

Release Date February 20, 2014
Arc Coalition Invasion Arc
Chapter 332
Volume 31
Chapter Guide
Chapter 331
Chapter 333

Announcement for Sai is the 332nd chapter of the Kingdom Manga.


As Kaine and Riboku set sight on the army of Sai, they wonder how there are so many people, as Sai's militia is sent to the other battlefields. They realise that there are 2 options - people from Kanyou came, or the common folks have started fighting. Riboku sees the soldiers of Qin be scared but then somehow cheer up and start boasting, and realises that the common people are fighting right here. Riboku departs from the rest of his army and steps forward, very close to the South Wall. He loudly introduces himself as one of the Zhao Three Great Heavens. He tells them that while he wonders how they are so brave, they stand no chance because they are fighting against elites composed of every state - and the leaders are Houken and himself - which is 2 Three Great Heavens. Riboku offers them to surrender, and in exchange nobody will be killed. The Sai militia starts doubting if they should fight and considering Riboku's offer. However a few brave soldiers stand out and say that they will not surrender. Shin supports them, and climbs on the highest spot of the South Wall. He loudly tells Riboku to stop begging the Qin army to surrender, because that will not happen. The Sai militia's morale is reignited by Shin and they refuse Riboku's offer. A deputy of Riboku, Shinseijou tells him that there is no way around this. He orders archers to start firing, while at the same time, the same order is given out by Ten.




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