The Eastern Wall

Chapter 333 cover

Release Date March 2, 2014
Arc Coalition Invasion Arc
Chapter 333
Volume 31
Chapter Guide
Chapter 332
Chapter 334

The Eastern Wall is the 333rd chapter of the Kingdom Manga.


The fight between the two armies start, and is at first an exchange of arrows. After sustaining some losses, Riboku's army brings out a ladder that surprisingly latches on the wall and enables the enemy soldiers to climb on the wall. The uninformed militia is in a confused state as the enemies quickly start murdering them. Ka Ryo Ten tells them that there is no need to panic, because Sai's walls arent that big and they expected the enemies to climb on the walls sooner or later - which will result in a melee clash. Observing from the walls, the strategists are amazed by Shin who is going alone and rampaging everywhere. The enemy commanders try to focus him but their charge is stopped by members of the Hi Shin Unit - Ryuu Sen, Den Yuu and Hai Rou. Kaine and a Zha0 3000 man Commander, Fu Tei eagerly wants to join the fight to face the Hi Shin Unit, but Kaine stops him because he was not given an order to do so, and because the army's focus is the Eastern Wall. Over there, the troops commanded by Heki are in trouble because of the wind that is helping the enemy archers, enabling them a bigger range. However, the positive side for Qin is that the West Wall commanded by Shoubunkun is having an easy time, because the wind is helping them, while Kaioku has no problems at the North Wall because they brought weapons for defensive sieges. The strategists ask Ka Ryo Ten if she's sure that the 3000 man Commander Heki is actually good enough to be a commander. She answers that she doesn't know of his capabiltiies, but knows that he has a lot of achievements. She tells them not to worry, because they have a trick up their sleeve at the Eastern Wall.




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