The First Night

Chapter 335 cover

Release Date March 2, 2014
Arc Coalition Invasion Arc
Chapter 335
Volume 31
Chapter Guide
Chapter 334
Chapter 336

The First Night is the 335th chapter of the Kingdom Manga.


As the dusk approaches, the Riboku army retreats back to their base preparing for the next clash. The people of Sai are overjoyed they defended sucessfully for one day. At the same time, on the battlefield at Kankoku Pass the enemy troops retreat without doing anything at all. The reason for this was because the Chu army was defeated, and the Qin armies could easily ambush the coalition state's troops if they comitted too much. Mou Gou and Kan Ki understood that Sai is fighting Riboku's dettachment army, and they must stay at Kankoku Pass, because if they move the pass will fall. At the Zhao's camp, Riboku informs everyone that he plans on taking Sai with half of their strength used. He orders everyone to split the 40,000 army into 20,000 at the very moment. The guards on Sai's wall notice an army incoming in the night, and mindlessly start shooting arrows in the dark night. The truth is, half of the army that Riboku brought was asleep, while half of the army that was fighting at Sai at that moment was simply cheering and not fighting, making the Qin's arrow attacks a waste.




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