Futei, Takes Action Lively

Chapter 336 cover

Release Date March 2, 2014
Arc Coalition Invasion Arc
Chapter 336
Volume 31
Chapter Guide
Chapter 335
Chapter 337

Futei, Takes Action Lively is the 336th chapter of the Kingdom manga.


Ka Ryo Ten and the others notice that the arrow attack was a waste because half of the army Riboku sent to attack in the night was not in the arrow's range. The Sai troops can't get a rest and sleep because they are afraid of another attack in the night by the enemy army. Next morning, the fight still ensues. Despite not getting sleep, Sai's army fight's equally good as the previous day. Observing this, Kaine and Futei decide to move out along with their units. As they climb on the walls, Ryuu Sen stops their approach along with 100 men that he commands. Futei easily spotting him, cuts through the enemies on his way and quickly slashes Ryuu Sen, who falls on the ground wounded. Den Yuu noticing that something has hapened at Ryuu Sen's post, moves forward and finds Futei. He tries to cut him with his glaive, but Futei efficiently evades and cuts Den Yuu down too. En notifies Shin of what's happening, who decides to take action and starts going towards Futei's location. He soon arrives and attacks Futei.




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