The Man who will become one of the Three Heavens

Chapter 337 cover

Release Date March 6, 2014
Arc Coalition Invasion Arc
Chapter 337
Volume 31
Chapter Guide
Chapter 336
Chapter 338

The Man who will become one of the Three Heavens is the 337th chapter of the Kingdom manga.


Shin is furiously attacking Futei who is dodging with ease and slashing him. Shin falls from the wounds but quickly gets up and tells the rest of his unit to go after Futei's soldiers. Futei says that he expected too much out of the famous Shin who slaid Rin Ko, one of the Four Heavens of Ren Pa. Meanwhile, Kaine is fighting on the Southern Wall too, and notices Ten whom she knows from before. At the same time the fight between Shin and Futei is still going, who can't slash him because Futei is too fast for him. He then remembers the sparring that he did with Kyou Kai, who told him how to fight against enemies faster than himself. Shin recalls on what she told him, and starts charging at Futei. Futei seeing this decides to finish him off, at also charges right at Shin. Just before exchanging blows, Shin takes a step back and then stands fimrly, while Futei is still charging. Not expecting the trap, Futei runs right into Shin's sword and is knocked back and slashed.




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