The Conflicting Duo

Chapter 338 cover

Release Date March 6, 2014
Arc Coalition Invasion Arc
Chapter 338
Volume 31
Chapter Guide
Chapter 337
Chapter 339

The Conflicting Duo is the 338th chapter of the Kingdom manga.


Fu Tei is knocked back from Shin's attack and Shin plans on continuing his attack. However he spots Ten being kidnapped by one of the Zhao soldiers. Ten somehow manages to slip from the soldier, but Kaine spots her and starts cutting down the Qin soldiers until she comes to Ten. Ten tries to retaliate and shoots Kaine with her blowdart, but misses, and Kaine strucks her down. Instead of killing her, she orders the soldiers to capture her as a prisoner. Shin is also going towards Ten and kills the soldier who is holding her, and knocks Kaine over the city wall. Ten saves Kaine and holds her barely, while Shin tells her to let her go. Somehow, Shin manages to convince Ten to let go, and Kaine falls but she is safely catched by her soldiers. Futei who sees all of this furiously charges at Shin, but is knocked over the wall as well by Ryuu Sen whom he cut down earlier. Despite the captains not being there, the Futei and Kaine unit managed to fight well on the South Wall until being decimated by the reserves of Qin, while Riboku was obvserving from afar and wondering who was the person who could inspire all of Qin to a great extent.




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