Touring Night

Chapter 339 cover

Release Date March 9, 2014
Arc Coalition Invasion Arc
Chapter 339
Volume 32
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Chapter 338
Chapter 340

Touring Night is the 339th chapter of the Kingdom manga.


On the night of the 2nd day, Mouki and Ten are coming up with strategies and wondering if there will be another night attack. The Hi Shit Unit is chatting while lying down and trying to fall asleep, though it isimpossible with members such as Bi Hei being afraid. Meanwhile at the militia of Sai, Ei Sei is visiting the people that fight and trying to encourage them. He manages to just easily, as the common folks are overjoyed that the king is walking amongst them and talking to them. Afterwards, he goes to the Eastern Wall and asks of Heki to bring him to the Duke Hyou soldiers.

He tells them that their master's death was certainly not their fault, and that they should fight, protect Sai, and live on to tell everyone the story of the man who served Qin whenever needed - Duke Hyou. Afterwards, Sei goes to the North wall as well, and visits the common folks, encouraging them to fight for Sai the next morning too. Watching this, Shin and Shoubunkun discuss how many days Sai will manage to hold on. Shoubunkun tells him that by his calculations Sai will hold on for 8 days maximum, and that anything more will be a miracle.



  • Ei Sei visits all troops stationed in Sai, raising their morale.
  • Ei Sei tells the ramainets of Duke Hyou Army to live and pass on the life of the Duke Hyou, to the future generations.
  • Sai is predicted to last 8 days.


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