Secret Exposed

Chapter 341 cover

Release Date March 9, 2014
Arc Coalition Invasion Arc
Chapter 341
Volume 32
Chapter Guide
Chapter 340
Chapter 342

Secret Exposed is the 341st chapter of the Kingdom manga.


Sei joins the fray and the Sai's militia finds a second wind instantly, having confidence now that the King has saved them. One of Zhao's commanders notices Sei but doesn't know who he is. He assumes that he is the one who is ralying all the soldiers and orders his troops to go after him. Ei Sei however is saved by his elite bodyguards, but suddenly they get attacked by arrows and die.

Sei is jumped on by the Zhao commander and a soldier He manages to cut off the arm of the soldier, but the soldier grabs him and tells the commander to kill him. Sei manages to block the attack of the commander, but the sword still cuts him in the neck. Seeing this, the people of Sai start crying out loud and forget about the binding gag, calling Sei 'your majesty'. Hearing this, the Zhao commanders rush in to kill Sei after knowing he's a king. The attack that would've behead Sei is blocked by Shin who later kills every enemy around Sei. 




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