Shoubunkun's Proposal

Chapter 342 cover

Release Date March 13, 2014
Arc Coalition Invasion Arc
Chapter 342
Volume 32
Chapter Guide
Chapter 341
Chapter 343

Shoubunkun's Proposal is the 342nd chapter of the Kingdom manga.


As Sei is lying bloody on the ground, Shin asks him if he's ok. Sei stands up and tells him that he shouldn't make a big deal, because it would afect morale. He tells the Sai militia that he's fine and goes to get treated. At the Zhao HQ, Riboku hears that the king is at Sai. Obtaining this information, he realizes that if they manage to attack Sai with all troops and kill the king, they can make a deal with Ryofui and take Kanyou without fighting.

The battle of the 5th day continues and the Qin militia is so tired that even the leaders such as Heki,Shoubunkun and Kaioku have to step forward and fight to raise the morale. At the Sai HQ, Shoubunkun makes a decision to evacuate the king and tells Shin to go and convince Sei to escape from Sai. Shin tells Ei Sei of Shoubunkun's plan, but Sei disagrees and thinks that he should still fight.




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