Using Up Everything

Chapter 344 cover

Release Date March 16, 2014
Arc Coalition Invasion Arc
Chapter 344
Volume 32
Chapter Guide
Chapter 343
Chapter 345

Using Up Everything is the 344th chapter of the Kingdom manga.


The fight of the 6th day begins and Qin using up their reserves, has to even make children and woman fight. West wall commanded by Shou Bun Kun is suffering many losses because the Ri Boku Army's attack focus is there. The only reason why they are still alive is because of Kaioku sending men off the North to the West Wall.

Due to Kai Oku sending men everywhere, even the North Wall has struggles. However the South wall is opposite of the North Wall, so Kai Oku can't send any of his men there. Surprisingly, the Qin commanders notice that the South Wall is doing fine, while Fu Tei and Kaine are wondering why they are loosing men to climb up the walls. The reason for this is the Hi Shin Unit, mainly Shin, that is fighting on their best level and defending the South wall.

At the Zhao HQ, Ri Boku wonders how to manage to attack the South wall with Futei and Kaine injured, and the soldiers falling to the Hi Shin Unit. As the night falls, Shin is so injured and tired that he doesn't even communicate with the rest of his unit. Sei comes to visit him, and sees that Shin is so tired that he cant speak, so he decides to sleep next to him on the walls. He tells the Hi Shin Unit that they can hold on the next day if they believe in miracles.




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