Overpowering! Reinforcements

Chapter 347 cover

Release Date March 23, 2014
Arc Coalition Invasion Arc
Chapter 347
Volume 32
Chapter Guide
Chapter 346
Chapter 348

Overpowering! Reinforcements is the 347th chapter of the Kingdom manga.


Sei explains to Ten that the only ones who knew about possible reinforcements form the Mountain Tribe was Shoubunkun, and later Shin. 

Ri Boku is aware that there are Mountain Tribes close to Qin, but only after the reinforcements come he realises that Sei has allied with the Mountain Tribes after his coup d'etat on Sei Kyou.

The Mountain Forces quickly overpower the enemies and quickly start rescuing the Qin people. Fu Tei tries to stop the Mountain Tribes but is overwhelmed by the deadly advance of Yo Tan Wa who is accompanied by Ran Kai that is destroying any enemy on his path.




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