Chapter 349 cover

Release Date March 23, 2014
Arc Coalition Invasion Arc
Chapter 349
Volume 32
Chapter Guide
Chapter 348
Chapter 350

Light is the 349th chapter of the Kingdom manga.


While charging into Houken, Shin's horse, Shun, goes for the neck of Houken's horse and ferociously bites it. As a result, Shun looses a leg thus leaving both warriors without their horse

Houken looses no composure because of the fact that he is dismounted and instantly launches an attack on Shin, which hits his ribs and damages him greatly. Shin is knocked back and lies uncounciously on the ground. The surrounding soldiers immediately think the duel is over and prepare to fight, but Shin gets up before anyone manages to score a kill.

As Shin gets up, he says to Houken that his blade does not weight like the ones that he fought(Renpa) and that's the reason why he couldn't defeat Ou Ki and struggled against Duke Hyou, which irritates Houken.

Houken to this answers by saying that he will kill Shin, as he was present on the battlefields three times against Houken, which the latter cannot allow.




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