Chapter 350 cover

Release Date March 27, 2014
Arc Coalition Invasion Arc
Chapter 350
Volume 33
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Chapter 351

Flash is the 350th chapter of the Kingdom manga.


Shin rushes at Houken, prepared to give it his all to defeat him. Both of them start swinging their weapon, but Shin targets Houken's glaive, and strikes him with such force that the Bunshin is knocked back, which impresses the battlefield.

Not leaving any time for Houken to retaliate, Shin quickly continues his attack, and manages to stab Houken in the chest and wound him badly. Shin tries to continue his series of attacks but has no power, which Houken makes use of and attacks.

However, as Houken's glaive comes swinging down, Shin leaps into the air, evades the attack, and slashes Houken in the face, coincidentally, close to where Ou Ki did 9 years ago. Houken pushes away Shin and knocks him at the ground, but Shin gets up and grabs his sword.



  • While the previous chapter had Shin with only one shoulder guard on his left shoulder, that shoulder guard disappeared in the subsequent chapter with no explanation.


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