Sincere Gratitude

Chapter 353 cover

Release Date March 30, 2014
Arc Coalition Invasion Arc
Chapter 353
Volume 33
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Chapter 352
Chapter 354

Sincere Gratitude is the 353rd chapter of the Kingdom manga.


As the night falls the Mountain Tribe and the Sai people have a great celebration. However, due to the exhausting battle of Sai's militia, and the rush of the Mountain Tribe to come to their aid, both sides were completely tired and quickly fell asleep.

Shin wakes up after sleeping because of his injuries, and finds Ten sleeping next to him while she was caring for his injuries. Shin goes outside only to find everyone asleep, except Sei who he sees on the opposite wall. Shin slowly manages to come to where Sei is, and asks him if everything is finished. Sei says that Riboku's army was the last part of the Coalition Army and that the war is finished.

Sei tells Shin that the main reason for their success is the Sai militia. The city of Sai lost half of its population when fighting, however managed to save their city, and most importantly, Qin itself. Sei and Shin bow down and thank the Sai people.

Later towards that day, Sei goes around the city and thanks the citizens for being so brave, and returns to Kanyou the next day.




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