Coalition Army's Settlement

Chapter 354 cover

Release Date March 30, 2014
Arc Coalition Invasion Arc
Chapter 354
Volume 33
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Chapter 353
Chapter 355

Coalition Army's Settlement is the 354th chapter of the Kingdom manga.


Yotanwa tells Ei Sei i that her men cannot stay in Sai for long because they need to finish a battle with the Banko Tribe on the north. Sei wishes them luck and says he hopes they can meet in peace after they both finish their business. Shortly afterwards, Yotanwa departs for battle, while Sei goes back to Kanyou along with his troops.

Four days afterwards, the defeaten Riboku comes into the Coalition Army HQ. He tells the Generals that before he dies, as a compensation Sanyou should be returned to the territorry of Wei. Shun Shin Kun disagrees saying that this is too little of an action after such a loss of the Coalition Army. He tells everyone that there is one big reason why the Coalition Army  didn't suceed in destroying Qin, and that is the traitorous state of Qi that did not join them in the battle.

The Qi King -  Ou Ken is notified that two cities, Hei and Sou fell to an enemy attack. He instantly recognizes the cause of the attack being Shunshinkun's idea, due to his greed. Ou Ken tells Saitaku that he is expecting a compensation for the fact that they withdrew from the Coalition Army. Before Saitaku can answer, a messenger tells him that the Qin General Mou Bu is attacking the rear of the Coalition Army. Because of this, the Coalition Army takes only one more city and then disbands. 



  • There are a few lines in the Shiji Benji Chapters that speak of China's history. Namely - the Coalition Army withdraws completely for Qin after failing to take Sai, and does not disband but turn completely the opposite direction on east - the state of Qi. Qin sends alot of troops from Kanyou to come to the aid of Qi and destroy the CA rear.


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