Chapter 357 cover

Release Date April 6, 2014
Arc Kyou Kai's Revenge Arc
Chapter 357
Volume 33
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Chapter 356
Chapter 358

Runaway is the 357th chapter of the Kingdom manga.


Kyou Kai meets an agent of the Kyou tribe (named Kyou Mei) in a little town named Roubi (Zhao). Kyou Mei had found the location of the current "Shiyuu" (named Yuu Ren), which is responsible of for the death of Kyou Kais sister Kyou Shou.

Before Kyou Kai sets of to avenge the death of her sister, they talk about Kyou Meis escape from the Shiyuu ritual and her life now. And Kyou Kai expresses her understanding for Kyou Mei. Kyou Mei also warns Kyou Kai, that Yuu Ren fights with dirty tricks yet she has to be a powerful fighter since she won the Shiyuu ritual. But it seems that Yuu Ren has lost her personality in this ritual, that's why she had difficulties with multiple kings she was working with.

When Kyou Kai sets out for "Mount Rou" she walks right into a trap of the Shiyuu.


Characters intoduced Edit

Chapter notes Edit

  • Kyou Mei realizes, that Kyou Kai thinks further than only the revenge of her sister.



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