Encircling Yuu Tribe

Chapter 358 cover

Release Date April 10, 2014
Arc Kyou Kai's Revenge Arc
Chapter 358
Volume 33
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Chapter 357
Chapter 359

Encircling Yuu Tribe is the 358th chapter of the Kingdom manga.


Kyou Kai is caught in a trap of the Yuu tribe, that was set up to kill the last survivor of the Clan Shiyuu ritual. The Yuu assassins start systematically fighting her, without putting themselves in dangerous situations. Yuu Ren tells Kyou Kai, that it was her, who organized the trap for Kyou Shou and she even beheaded her with her own hands. Kyou Kai starts a head on assault on Yuu Ren. The assassins all jump to stop her, but she manages to cut some of them down. The assassins start with their Priestess Dance, in order to change the tides.



  • The Yuu tribe sent 22 assassins with Yuu Ren (18 remaining)
  • Yuu Ren tells Kyou Kai, that her sister betrayed her, because she wasn't able to kill her. But Kyou Kai thinks, that it was to protect her.
  • Yuu Ren seems to enjoy the killing (tells her sword, that it reminds her of the ritual)


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