The Laughing Prince

Chapter 36 cover

Release Date March 15, 2013
Arc Sei Kyou's Rebellion Arc
Chapter 36
Volume 4
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Chapter 35
Chapter 37

The Laughing Prince is the 36th chapter of the Kingdom Manga.


Everyone is stunned after Sa Ji defeat by the hands of Shin. Ketsu Shi is running to Sei Kyou and starts his report saying he has 2 things to report. The mountain people deceived us and broken trough the crimson turtle gate. They are engaged by Shi Shi and 300 of his soldiers. Second Sei Kyou is among the mountain dwellers. Ketsu Shi proposes his plan to defeat the mountain people in the courtyard. To rally 10.000 men to defeat the 2000 mountain dwellers. Sei Kyou suddenly starts laughing. Claiming that allying with the mountain people was his last option and rallying an army of savages is fitting for him. Sei Kyou claims himself to be king of Qin. Sin is surprised to see Heki alive. Heki reassuring Shin that his wounds aren't deep as he pulled back at the last second. surprised that only 2 of Ei Sei side unit died after encountering Sa Ji, they move forward to the throne room.


Characters IntroducedEdit

Chapter NotesEdit

  • Shin won against Sa Ji.
  • Ketsu Shi makes his report to Sei Kyou.
  • Ketsu Shi wants to rally 10.000 men to annihilate the 2000 mountain people in the courtyard.
  • Sei Kyou starts laughing after he hears about Ei Sei alliance with the mountain people.
  • Sei Kyou claims himself king of Qin.
  • Ei Sei side unit lost 2 men with their encounter with Sa Ji and his men.



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