True Strength of the Pinnacle

Chapter 360 cover

Release Date April 13, 2014
Arc Kyou Kai's Revenge Arc
Chapter 360
Volume 33
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True Strength of the Pinnacle is the 360th chapter of the Kingdom manga.


Kyou Kai charges at Yuu Ren but her dance is blocked with no effort. As Kyou Kai tries to catch her breath and find a way to damage Yuu Ren, she remembers that her sister told her that there is no one who can match her dance. Kyou Kai then begins to charge her dance again, going for a series of attacks that are easily blocked by Yuu Ren who then retaliates and attacks Kyou Kai. Kyou Kai realises not even the deepest dance is enough to defeat her opponent and starts to lose hope.

Yuu Ren tells Kyou Kai that the reason why her dance can't touch her is because Kyou Kai is filled up with anger,love and other needless emotions that chain her from unlocking the full potential of the dance. Yuu Ren explains that to achieve a perfect dance, all emotions must be cut from the outside, and that is the purpose of the Ritual.




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