The Chancellor of the State's Thoughts

Chapter 367 cover

Release Date April 20, 2014
Arc Conspiracy in the Court Arc
Chapter 367
Volume 34
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Chapter 366
Chapter 368

The Chancellor of the State's Thoughts is the 367th chapter of the Kingdom manga.


Thanks to the Battle of Sai, the Royal Faction manages to not only get even by overtake the Ryofui faction. In the Ryo Fui camp, Rishi was worried at this turn of events, and baffled by the fact that Ryo Fui didn't seem to care at all. But a few days later, those that had went over to the Royal Faction's camp returned to Ryofui's camp, which further baffled Rishi. When he arrived at Ryo Fui's he saw a lavish party was going on. Ryo Fui explained that he used his personal wealth to win back those officials that went over to the Royal Faction, because the officials, ministers, nobles, and even some from the other states currently didn't have much money because of the war. He also told Rishi that it was all preparation. Rishi wondered what he meant. Ryo Fui explained that he'd do something that the king would never see coming, that it wouldn't be anything like the assassination attempt on Sei's life five years prior. He further hinted at his plan, that if the king was assassinated and he himself took the kingdom, the people would never accept him. So, he needed an "enormous ploy" in order to get the people to accept him that would be witnessed by the entire kingdom. He further hinted that his aim lies in the Coming of Age ceremony in a year and a half that the entire kingdom will witness. Ryo Fui stated on that day he shall swallow the kingdom together with its king, leaving not a single crumb behind.

Characters in Order of AppearanceEdit

  1. Ei Sei
  2. Ryo Fui
  3. Shou Bun Kun
  4. Kai Oku
  5. Shou Hei Kun
  6. Ri Shi
  7. Clan Kakuriki (Flash Back)
  8. Clan Kensen (Flash Back)
  9. Shukyou Clan (Flash Back)
  10. Kyou Kai (Flash Back)
  11. Clan Gouma (Flash Back)



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