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Release Date March 15, 2013
Arc Sei Kyou's Rebellion Arc
Chapter 37
Volume 4
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Revenge is the 37th chapter of the Kingdom Manga.


With everyone in the courtyard still going strong, the battle continues. Ei Sei tries to raise moral by saying the victory is within their grasp. Reassuring them that Sei Kyou rebellion will fall if Ketsu Shi and Sei Kyou are defeated. Yo Tan Wa is smiling after Ei Sei speech and saying to her people that we only need to defeat 10 people each and saying this is a simple task. Shi Shi is impressed with Ei Sei speech. Now with Ei Sei side unit halfway to the throne room, one of the mountain people that is heavily injured is falling behind. However they have to keep moving forward. Ka Ryo Ten isn't happy about that and when that person started collapsing Shin supports him in order to keep moving forward. Shin tries to sheer him up by telling him about Ei Sei and Hyou. Ka Ryo Ten ten tells Shin that he died. Shin angered storms in the throne room until he encounter Rankai.


Characters IntroducedEdit

Chapter NotesEdit

  • Shin supports one of the mountain people that is severely injured with their encounter with Sa Ji.
  • Shin tells the injured mountain people Hyou and Ei Sei back story.
  • One of the mountain people died while carried by Shin.
  • Ei Sei side unit reached the throne room.



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