Chapter 376 cover

Release Date April 27, 2014
Arc Conspiracy in the Court Arc
Chapter 376
Volume 35
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Corridor is the 376th chapter of the Kingdom manga.


Qin soldiers enter the corridor where Sei Kyou is. Sei Kyou's bodyguard tells them that they should drop their weapons and start fighting, because Hokaku's plot has been revealed and if they still rebel, every person of their generation should be executed. Meanwhile, Ho Kaku enters the prison where Sei Kyou was. He sees that the soldiers let Sei Kyou go because he lied to them. One of his soldiers find's a blood trail and Ho Kaku and the rest start following, but before that ordering that the two soldiers that let Sei Kyou go should be executed. Rui and Sei Kyou reach the Hokaku Corridor and Rui manages to encourage Sei Kyou to keep running away until they reach Seiba Plaza. Kyo Gai informs Shin and the rest of the Hi Shin unit that Kyou Kai was successful in finding an underground prison where Sei Kyou and Rui should be. Kyou Kai however says that she only found Sei Kyou's followers, and not Sei Kyou himself. A knowledgable man from Tonryuu says that they should look at  Soushi Mansion, and then later at Seiba Plaza and Hokaku corridors. Inside the Hokaku Corridors, Sei Kyou says to Rui and the palace girls that they should look for help and start running faster, while Sei Kyou and his soldier Shukan stay to rest. Sei Kyou informs Shukan that the families of all the people who died fighting to help him will be treated very well. Shukan says that he is glad to hear that, and Hokaku with his bodyguards appears. Sei Kyou and Shukan ready themselves for a battle.


Sei Kyou


Ho Kaku


Kyou Kai

Ka Ryo Ten

Kyo Gai


Chapter NotesEdit


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